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I honestly have no clue what I'm doing here, I just wanted to make a cute image.
I honestly have no clue what I'm doing here, I just wanted to make a cute image. is now Open Source!

Click through for your questions answered.

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Whats up

Sakai 180mm Unagi, Shirogami 2.
Sakai 180mm Unagi, Shirogami 2.

I’m STILL waiting on some of my electronics equipment to come back… it’s been a month now for “a day”.

Meanwhile, just a short update on life in general, along with some site updates.

PLEASE READ - If you subscribe via Patreon or RSS and don’t like these update (and/or personal) posts, that’s OK! Let me know and if there’s a decent response then I can make sure they don’t appear in the RSS feed and/or patreon.

If you do enjoy this type of post, let me know and I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

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Changing Rotosound PSD Bass Strings - Part 1?

Subtitled - How to spend 35 hours changing a set of strings.
Subtitled - How to spend 35 hours changing a set of strings.

I loaned out some of my electronics equipment to my mad scientist, likely-soon-to-be-blown-up-or-blind, brother. So we’re taking a dive into a topic I’ve not seen properly covered anywhere else on the net: Installing Rotosound PSD Strings

Installing some bass (or acoustic!) guitar strings might not seem exciting, but these are unique strings with a tricky installation procedure.

So let’s get these strings on… BUT DO NOT REMOVE YOUR OLD STRINGS YET!

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Daw V Daw progress

48khz, 64 sample buffer, Studio One 5 reports 3.42ms
48khz, 64 sample buffer, Studio One 5 reports 3.42ms

Quick update! I’m working hard on the next DAW v DAW article (Part 7.2), but it’s been labour intensive.

What I’ve done so far for the next DAW v DAW:

  • VST/AU Event Logging and Timing Plugin - provided by the author of the fun and unique Cadmium
  • Latency Measurement Hardware - Hardware MIDI->Hardware Audio true latency measurements. This has taken a while to make sure that the hardware is putting out accurate results.
    • Hardware generates a MIDI message and measures time till audio impulse.
      • After a lot of testing and fiddling with assembly, I believe I have this accurate within about .2µs. Total overkill, but why not?
    • (Image above is screencap from oscilloscope while I was testing.)
  • Article scaffolding - Outline and concept
  • DAW Installation - Not sure if you’re aware, but installing and setting up 10 DAWs in Windows and making sure they behave properly IS A PAIN and a time sink.
  • Discussion - I took time to discuss the topic with a number of “advanced” users of the DAWs to get some ideas of what they experience and what they’d like tested.

Site Updates:

  • A user took the time to suggest some enhancements to the layout of the site. He supplied the suggestions directly as a commented css file, which was wonderful. I implemented a number of these, and some modifications of them.
  • The DAW Chart should look better on Mobile.
  • The DAW Chart has a key now.
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daw v daw 7 2

The last installment in this series covered Studio One 5, which has problems. I’ll be covering this more in-depth and more clearly.

I’ll also be doing similar testing on a number of other products, but with more data.

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Updates July 2020


It’s time for the monthly site update post.

SHILL - I have been quite impressed with apUnmask since it came out. You can do some disgusting (fun) things with it, but with moderate settings it does a great job of bringing out detail in almost any signal.

I’ve known the author for a long time, but I don’t make any money if you buy it. I truly think it’s one of the most innovative VST effect plugins released this century (though the idea isn’t purely novel!). I won’t be reviewing it since I don’t believe I can be particularly objective about it, but I will shill here in this update post.

End shill.

Changes will be listed here as I’ve started doing, however I’d suggest clicking through for more. The last DAW v DAW was interesting! I made some mistakes on a few levels, but still managed to come to a (not the!) correct conclusion.

I expected to have the next part in the series done today, but there’s more work to do…

Site updates and more DAW v DAW info if you click on through.

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DAW v DAW - Part 7.1: Studio One 5 Live Jitter

Live MIDI to Instrument Jitter
Live MIDI to Instrument Jitter

Studio One 5 is out! just came out!

This would be an exciting day, if they managed to fix one of the many technical issues with their product compared to the rest of the market, which they didn’t.

Let’s look at one of the most irritating and long standing audible, and testable problems with Studio One: MIDI Input Jitter.

This is part one of a multi-part article. A full comparison of other DAWs will follow this article. This article is an explanation of the phenomenon using Studio One 5 as the demonstration software.


There is an on going discussion where there are variances in test results. Those that agree with what’s presented here, have the same behaviour but different values, and those that disagree entirely.

Please check out that discussion for more information, sample projects and further discussion.

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How to get good customer service

It's just THAT easy!
It's just THAT easy!

I’m still working on the next DAW v DAW article, so in the meantime I thought I’d write something only slightly related to music…

Most people that know me are amazed at the results I get when I interact with customer service or similar. I get the matter resolved and often much better than the goals I set before the CS interaction. (see the preface for more info)

These outcomes are no accident. I’ve spent most of my life reading books about interpersonal dynamics and tangential topics, and I’ve practiced them. Some of the ideas work, some of them don’t work and some are just bunk from get-go.

This is a constant learning process. I by no means am writing this as an end all guide to getting what you want. Sometimes you’re just screwed for a variety of reasons, but you can always increase your chances of success.

The following post is my thoughts on how to increase your chances at getting good customer service.

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PSP InfiniStrip Review 2

InifiniStrip Review - Part 2
InifiniStrip Review - Part 2

This article marks part 2, and the conclusion of, this review of PSP’s InfiniStrip.

I decided to try something new with this review, which I’ll explain after the break.

Version 1.0.4 was released during this review, and the review applies up to that version. Any further enhancements to the product are not covered in this review. Please consult the PSP website to see if any of my complaints (if any), are resolved and if there are any cool new features that I wasn’t able to cover.

DISCLOSURE - PSP kindly provided this product to me for free as an NFR for review. If you believe this has biased this article, then I encourage you to call it out in the comments.

Other posts in this series

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Updates - June 2020

This week I’ve done a number of updates to the DAW Chart.

  • Updated the FAQ
    • I primarily use Cubase, Logic and Digital Performer. I haven’t used REAPER seriously since V6 was released.
    • Note Ease of use section in “Why is Ableton Live rated so low?”
  • Ease of Use - Added category and following sub-categories.
  • Software Defaults removed. Rolled into the above categories.
  • FLStudio updated for:
    • Scripting +3 - New Feature added
    • Themability +1 - New Feature added
  • Logic
    • Stability +1 - Zero crashes with Logic in 2020 despite approximately 400 hours of wide ranging use.
    • Step Sequencing +6 - New Feature added
    • Clip Launching +7 - New Feature added
    • Included Synth Plugins, many other products -1 (Logic was already 10)
  • Bitwig
    • Included Effects Plugins +1 - New EQ and Saturator Added
    • MIDI FX +1 - Arp updates, Selector Modes
    • MIDI Tools +2 - Selector Modes
    • Modularity, all other products -1 (Bitwig was already 10) - Grid additions in 3.1 and 3.2.
  • Live
    • Customer Support +6 (I’ve had multiple fantastic experiences with Ableton lately.)
  • Waveform
    • Manual -2 - Waveform 11 released with no updated manual
    • Community Support -2 - 3 poor experiences when asking questions with my anonymous account in 2020.
    • Bug Reporting +1 - New crash/bug reporting tool.
    • Changelogs -1 - No major version changelogs.
  • Bias (Larger numbers indicate less bias, positive numbers indicate potential unavoidable bias)
    • Preference - Waveform +5, Pro Tools +1, FLStudio +4, Live +10
      • Waveform 11 disappointing
      • Pro Tools moving slowly
      • FLStudio’s frustrating Event Editor
      • Live unrecoverably corrupted two projects and all backups! (No other files affected on the system)
    • Connections - Waveform +3, Mixbus -1
      • Haven’t spoken with Waveform team in a while.
      • Continue to have great discussions with members of Mixbus/Ardour team on various levels.
    • Frustration - REAPER +7, Studio One +40, Live +20
      • REAPER 6 not working properly on my system despite the bug report being seen.
      • S1 and Live should have been rated as extremely frustrating for me.
    • Community Interactions - REAPER + 5, Digital Performer -4, Studio One +2, Bitwig +2, Waveform +4
      • REAPER community has been more coarse than usual. 3/4 interactions on my anonymous account have been poor.
      • DP’s Motunation has been chiller and more helpful in 2020.
      • Studio One’s forums continue to be disappointing and fanboyish.
      • Bitwig’s Discord server is run poorly. Strange rules that are enforced without thought. Very annoying.
      • Waveform’s forums have been less useful and more harsh recently.

I also added these update posts to an “Updates” category.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below! I read every comment and respond to most. No registration is necessary to comment, so don’t be shy.


This update took approximately 47 hours to notate, refine, discuss with a variety of experienced users and repeat that whole process a few times :) If you appreciate the information presented then please consider joining patreon or paying us for the time spent bringing you quality content!

Be a Patreon!

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below! I read every comment and respond to most. No registration is necessary to comment, so don’t be shy.

PSP InfiniStrip Review - Part 1

InfiniStrip Controversy...
InfiniStrip Controversy...

I’ve been working with this plugin for about 7 weeks, foiled twice by circumstances while trying to get this review out.

Wait no more. With part 1 of this review, I’ll be reviewing some of the controversy surrounding it and other plugins.

READ ME WARNING This posts loads 45mb of media WARNING READ ME

DISCLOSURE - PSP kindly provided this product to me for free as an NFR for review. If you believe this has biased this article, then I encourage you to call it out in the comments. Other posts in this series

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