Just a quick update - I’ve been dealing with Cluster Headaches (which I’ve written about before) and prodrome/postdrome symptoms for 2 weeks. I’ve been extremely sensitive to sound and light, and haven’t even touched an instrument or DAW in that time.

My wife covered the windows in aluminum foil and I managed to sit on my laptop (with minimum brightness, viewing at an angle) to get a variety of coding tasks done both for this site and elsewhere. Eventually you learn to work in bursts and keep notes, and it’s a great way to stay sane.

However, there’s been no music, woodworking or anything worth writing about. Nor have I been able to finish any of the 75%+ complete articles I have in my backlog. Worry not though, there is content coming.

These sequences of headaches shouldn’t last too long, and I’ve had 6-8 hour symptom free periods for the last two days, so I’m hoping that’s it for at least a few months.

Not looking for sympathy or even concern. I can cope, and everyone around me is awesome (especially my wife). I did have a number of people that were concerned about my absence from the admiralbumblebee realm and I wanted to “check-in”.

p.s. Yes I’ve been to the doctor. I’ve tried the bevy of mainstream and alternative medicines. If you want to suggest something then feel free. I’m open to discussion.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below! I read every comment and respond to most. No registration is necessary to comment, so don’t be shy.

Waveform 11 Pro Review

Waveform 11 pro
Waveform 11 pro

Waveform 11 Pro was announced a few months ago, and I’ve been using it as my “daily driver” for about a month.

I’m going to cover their highlighted features, and I won’t be holding back on the criticism.

This review is only valid for *Waveform 11.0.26**. The team is responsive to feedback and it’s likely that some complaints/criticisms will be rendered invalid over time.

DISCLOSURE - I was given this copy of W11 Pro for free for the purposes of review. If you feel that the review was improperly biased, please leave a comment.

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Site Updates

This will probably get lost with the Waveform article coming out simultaneously, but the following updates have been made to the site:

  • Index page headers/images are clickable - I can’t believe how long I went without realizing most people click the image to go to an article!
  • Theme color boxes are clickable to jump to a theme.
  • Changes to scripts for creating posts.
  • Improved image template for post header images.
  • Edited metadata for a number of posts.
  • Researched alternatives to Youtube - Probably needs to be a post of its own.
  • Support auto-outlining.
  • Omnigraffle templates concepts for future articles.
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Black Rooster Audio QA with André Kirchner

Interview with André Kirchner of Black Rooster Audio about his company, development challenges and more? Many questions came from the EDMP community on discord.

Download Audio

General Updates

Update Bee
Update Bee

This week I’ve updated some site features:

  • Visual Assets - I commissioned ToriBearArt to make some new branding assets for me. The first is shown above. It’s a more complex rendition for larger format media. Some variations are in the works. I will be integrating the new branding over time, because I’m not a big fan of “relaunches” or “rebranding”. I’ll be making incremental changes and reacting to reader/viewer feedback as I go.
  • Themes - I built support for multiple themes, with an indicator of the current theme. I choose ‘cycling’ between themes because I hate menus.
    • WHITE theme added.
    • Adjusted text color for dark theme.
  • Various backend updates for my own sanity.
  • DAW Feature Chart updated.
    • Latest Versions
    • FL Modularity
    • Project Navigation->Information Hiding
    • Arranging category added
      • Project Navigation->Arrangement Tools moved to Arranging.
      • Added -
        • Time
        • Harmony
        • Sequencing
        • Key
    • CAKEWALK REMOVED - I have no desire to continue evaluating this software.
  • Reaper Script Showcase - Fixed some bad links and anchors.
  • FreeBees - New FreeBees!
  • Drafts! - I’ve put work into 50-75% completed drafts of articles for periods when I’m feeling unwell, need a break, etc…
  • Navbar adjusted to be cleaner.
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MFreeFXBundle Tricks

MFreeFX Bundle Madness
MFreeFX Bundle Madness

I’ve spent some time working on music projects lately and I’ve found some interesting capabilities of the MFreeFX Bundle by Melda Production.

Most all of this works with the free version except for some of the analyzer features in MEqualizer.

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macOS Catalina Speech to Text

Voice Control
Voice Control

macOS Catalina made accessibility worse for users that utilize their voice to type. This is a multi-faceted issue, and I will walk you through my daily hell.

(if you want to know why this matters to me <–)

I’m still 3 music-based articles behind, so I spent portions of this weekend putting together this article while I revisit Prolog. Not much I can do when the software I’m reviewing is broken or suddenly has a major updating looming.

I really should write more how-tos I suppose. Anyway, on to the rant.

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You don't use your software, and neither do your users.

Nobody uses software?
Nobody uses software?

Developing, testing, documenting and reviewing software has led me to one inescapable conclusion:


Ok, clickbait aside, a day doesn’t go by where I realize that there’s chasm between users, testers and developers. It has been particularly apparent to me lately, and it’s delayed the article I expected to have ready today.

More after the break.

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20 features from Ardour/Mixbus 6 that I wish every DAW had.

The banner thing, these are fun to make
The banner thing, these are fun to make

With Mixbus 6 arriving on the scene, I decided I wanted to highlight some features that Mixbus has that I wish every DAW had.

This is in stark contrast to my previous article about Ableton Live. I originally wrote a “10 things about Mixbus” article in late December, but I decided to “wait until after NAMM”. The Live article was an extension of thought of this original article.

Hop on through for the fluff.

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Fluff and Failure

No article last week and no “real” article this week, so I thought I’d spend an hour or two writing something to discuss why.

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20 things I hate about Ableton Live

20 things I HATE about Ableton Live
20 things I HATE about Ableton Live

I was going to release a different article this week, but instead I was doing some mixing work in Ableton Live for Gater (a young teen that makes fairly interesting music).

Of course I became supremely annoyed within seconds, and as I do, I started to write down my grievances as they arrived.

Now it’s this article.

VALID FOR LIVE 10.1. Future updates may render some of this information invalid.

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