4 posts with Mixbus - Recorder and TapeX


Part 2 has taken a while, but we’re here, and let’s go.

Current using Mixbus 7.0.140

Other parts in this series:

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4 posts with Mixbus 7 - Latency

Mixbus 7 is out and I’ll be exploring the new feature(s) in the next 4 posts.

I’ve heard that Mixbus 7 might have better latency, so let’s start it off with the elephant in the room: Mixbus latency.

Other parts in this series:

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I’ve been working for 2.5 weeks on a new post, and I thought I’d give an update of how it’s going.

  • My editor/dev environment does not work. ~11 hours of my weekend.
    • Please stop refactoring things for no reason. PLEASE. It doesn’t mean you’re productive.
  • My dev environment doesn’t work again because of another refactoring commit. ~4 hours.
  • Audio Interface that I use for testing does not work
    • The device would stop playback on certain songs (!!)
    • Turns out that multiple 0dbFS samples at a specific frequency range would cause the device to attempt to reboot but fail.
    • After 5 hours of tinkering - a bad diode.
  • My MCU that I use for latency testing doesn’t turn on. I can’t find the code that was on it.
    • Order new device and wait.
    • Reverse engineer what the code was doing. ~8 hours
    • Realize I was incorrect. ~30 seconds.
    • Rewrite it correctly. ~45 minutes.
  • Document my software incorrectly, confused as I can’t use the thing I wrote. ~2 hours.
  • Figure out why I can’t see my oscilloscope on my LAN. ~3 hours.
    • I could! It was reporting the wrong ip!
  • My house starts leaking during a storm.
    • Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
    • DO go out in a torrential downpour and 35mph winds, hop on a ladder, clean the clogged gutters.
      • Reminder, I can barely walk. ~70 minutes in the pouring rain.
  • Broke my new leg braces. -10 to Stamina. Wait 3 days until they can be fixed.
  • Get sidetracked dreaming about a new comment system for the site. ~5 hours
  • Start writing an article about FLStudio to realize that I don’t want to spend my time that way. ~5 hours.
  • Try to fix the headers on this site that are too long. ~2 hours.
    • Not yet fixed. I don’t have an idea that seems to work, let alone an implementation.
  • Taxes. ~7 hours.

This isn’t twitter, but here I am: complaining.

When I was working on music full-time, a lot of these things gotten eaten by ‘work’ time or it was simply carry-over of my normal day. Now it’s my evenings and weekends after already staring at monospaced text on a computer screen all day.

I’ll get there. It’s been rough.


This post took:

  • 30 minutes to write.
  • ~47 hours of frustration.

Site Updates

Time for some site updates!

I wanted to add more “Site Features” (static pages that are constantly updated) and I was running out of room in the nav. I also frequently receive complaints about how textually busy the site update is. I’ve aimed to improve both of these problems with this update.

  • Removed Google Analytics
    • The only remaining external javascript dependency is disqus… that will be the next target.
  • New site layout!
    • Site Nav - I found the site nav difficult to use.
      • Increased size of elements
      • Increased size of header
      • Removed busy recent/tag sidebars(!) - It is an extra click, but I’ve never felt that they present the information well.
      • Added simple left-nav
        • It sucked when I made it.
        • Wife helped me make it not suck.
      • Move tags year/type widget
    • Post Layout
      • Adjusted header spacings.
      • Allowed header to gracefully fail on different viewport sizes
      • Remove section hierarchy in posts
      • Add dynamic in-page breadcrumbs
        • On desktop as you scroll, the current header and sub-headers attache to the top of the screen to display your reading position in the outline.
        • This breaks all of the interviews pages. I’m aware. I don’t have a fix yet.
    • Pagination is back.
      • I set it to paginate in 20… but it’s only showing 10. I’m skeptical. Please let me know if it’s broken :)
    • Each post has a previous/next post button at the botton now.
    • Themes
      • New Theme Color - Dark Green!
      • Updated theme pickers with indicator
      • Yellow theme is now darker
      • Theme color boxes are a bit more desaturated and more accurate.
    • Cleanup
      • Fixed a number of tags
      • Fixed all sorts of weird stuff I missed
        • My wife found them, thank you.
  • New feature!
    • Health - I get a few e-mails a week about my health, so I thought I’d put up a full page about it. My hope is that this disclosure will help other people with similar problems navigate their options and know they are not alone.
  • Updated About page
  • Updated Favourites - specifically the EDC section (and some other minor updates)
  • Added “Last Updated” to all static pages.
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Reaper Day 30 - An evaluation and conclusion

No, really. Please add a search.
No, really. Please add a search.

The REAPER series has ended. The end of this series is somewhat unexciting, but it was a lot of work for me.

The result is The REAPER Settings Page. A list of all of my changed REAPER settings, with explanations of why I made the change.

Jump through to see some of my discussion about REAPER in general.

Currently using REAPER 6.23

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Reaper Day 24 - Accessibility - Look Ma! No Hands

REAPER + Voice
REAPER + Voice

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Don’t tell anyone though.

While working (Software Developer/Tech Writing), I haven’t used my keyboard for the entire week for work related tasks. Not only that, I’ve been more productive than otherwise.

I’ve also not used my keyboard for REAPER since late December. Soon, I won’t be using my mouse at all either.

I’m using Talon Voice and it’s been amazing. Let me walk you through how this works with REAPER, and I’ll explain my Dev use in another post.

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I’m on Vacation until at least January 2nd. That means no working on articles!

I’ll be spending most of my time learning to use Talon Voice, which has been an incredible boost to my productivity and well-being. Improving my Talon config is my #1 priority currently.

I’m currently paused on Day 24 of the REAPER do-over series.

Reaper Day 23 - Hotkeys, again! ...?

In the last post I changed what hotkeys mean in the context of mouse modifiers.

Now I need to think about what they mean in the context of hotkeys.

Currently using REAPER 6.18

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Reaper Day 18 - Project Template, Preferences and Mouse Modifiers

More REAPER setting changes! Maybe one day I’ll get around to using the thing :)

Currently using REAPER 6.18

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