Last Updated - 2020 January 18

Hey. My name is Robert Randolph.

Maybe read this post about me first?

This is what I do with my free time:

  • Develop software in…
    • C/asm for AVR and ARM microcontroller platforms
    • Common Lisp for desktop and web.
    • Clojure and Java for desktop.
    • Haskell for fun.
      • I’m current playing with Nim for fun now.
      • I’ve been adding cljs capability to my resumé recently.
  • Music…
    • Electric and Double bass
    • Percussion, mainly drum kit focusing on jazz and post-rock styles
    • Piano
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet
    • Electric Violin
    • SuperCollider fiddling
    • VST programming
    • Instruction and teaching!
  • Software tinkering
    • I just have a really big interest in DAWs, their workings and workflows.
      • I currently primarily use Cubase and Reaper.
    • I really love Omnifocus and Many products from ManyTricks Software. Specifically KeyMo, Moom and Time Sink.
    • I design with Omnigraffle, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
    • Videos are done with Screenflow and Resolve using a Panasonic G9 and various Logitech Webcams.
    • I was a die-hard emacs user, but I tried to live without it for a month. It was successful and I continued using Vim as I have for a long time, then I did a month without that and… now I use VS Code and NetBeans.
    • Nope. As of February 2018 I’m back to using emacs and Evil Mode. VS Code is awesome software, but the VIM layer is just not as good as I need. I also really miss things like Ivy, Key Chords and having relative line numbers in normal mode, and absolute line numbers in insert mode. It’s built in to my consciousness.
    • Nope… using VSCode again. Vim bindings don’t seem to suck as much anymore, Calva is pretty awesome. The ‘out of the box’ cross-language capabilities are just too good to ignore.
  • Tutorials!
    • DAW tutorials
    • Mechanics and efficiency tutorials for music
    • Electronics repair
  • Workshop
    • I have a pretty nice workshop where I build all sorts of things that you’ll see here.
  • Cook
    • I do a lot of the cooking in the house, and I quite enjoy it.

You can find me at

  • youtube - I’m updating this regularly now!
  • as AdmiralBumbleBee. I spend most of my time in #ardour, #lisp, #clojure and ##C
    • I’m usually on other servers like thinstack, quakenet, rizon, efnet and more.
  • AdmiralBumbleBee Discord
  • EDMP Discord
  • Forums
  • Yeah, that’s it pretty much. I don’t do the social online thing much.
    • Ok, I’m working on making $$ from this site, but I still refuse to put ads. So I’m trying to figure out this social media thing now:
  • E-mail - I use gmail. My local-part of the email is audiolabs.

You won’t find me at

  • github. (Actually I am on github. I just don’t use it much)
    • I dislike the community aspect of development, and I also prefer to use Mercurial. So I use bitbucket instead.