Time for some site updates!

I wanted to add more “Site Features” (static pages that are constantly updated) and I was running out of room in the nav. I also frequently receive complaints about how textually busy the site update is. I’ve aimed to improve both of these problems with this update.

  • Removed Google Analytics
    • The only remaining external javascript dependency is disqus… that will be the next target.
  • New site layout!
    • Site Nav - I found the site nav difficult to use.
      • Increased size of elements
      • Increased size of header
      • Removed busy recent/tag sidebars(!) - It is an extra click, but I’ve never felt that they present the information well.
      • Added simple left-nav
        • It sucked when I made it.
        • Wife helped me make it not suck.
      • Move tags year/type widget
    • Post Layout
      • Adjusted header spacings.
      • Allowed header to gracefully fail on different viewport sizes
      • Remove section hierarchy in posts
      • Add dynamic in-page breadcrumbs
        • On desktop as you scroll, the current header and sub-headers attache to the top of the screen to display your reading position in the outline.
        • This breaks all of the interviews pages. I’m aware. I don’t have a fix yet.
    • Pagination is back.
      • I set it to paginate in 20… but it’s only showing 10. I’m skeptical. Please let me know if it’s broken :)
    • Each post has a previous/next post button at the botton now.
    • Themes
      • New Theme Color - Dark Green!
      • Updated theme pickers with indicator
      • Yellow theme is now darker
      • Theme color boxes are a bit more desaturated and more accurate.
    • Cleanup
      • Fixed a number of tags
      • Fixed all sorts of weird stuff I missed
        • My wife found them, thank you.
  • New feature!
    • Health - I get a few e-mails a week about my health, so I thought I’d put up a full page about it. My hope is that this disclosure will help other people with similar problems navigate their options and know they are not alone.
  • Updated About page
  • Updated Favourites - specifically the EDC section (and some other minor updates)
  • Added “Last Updated” to all static pages.



This post took:

  • 51 hours to redesign the site.
    • 43 hours to do it again.
  • 12 hours to fix errors across the site.
  • 18 hours to make the Health page.