I’ve been working for 2.5 weeks on a new post, and I thought I’d give an update of how it’s going.

  • My editor/dev environment does not work. ~11 hours of my weekend.
    • Please stop refactoring things for no reason. PLEASE. It doesn’t mean you’re productive.
  • My dev environment doesn’t work again because of another refactoring commit. ~4 hours.
  • Audio Interface that I use for testing does not work
    • The device would stop playback on certain songs (!!)
    • Turns out that multiple 0dbFS samples at a specific frequency range would cause the device to attempt to reboot but fail.
    • After 5 hours of tinkering - a bad diode.
  • My MCU that I use for latency testing doesn’t turn on. I can’t find the code that was on it.
    • Order new device and wait.
    • Reverse engineer what the code was doing. ~8 hours
    • Realize I was incorrect. ~30 seconds.
    • Rewrite it correctly. ~45 minutes.
  • Document my software incorrectly, confused as I can’t use the thing I wrote. ~2 hours.
  • Figure out why I can’t see my oscilloscope on my LAN. ~3 hours.
    • I could! It was reporting the wrong ip!
  • My house starts leaking during a storm.
    • Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
    • DO go out in a torrential downpour and 35mph winds, hop on a ladder, clean the clogged gutters.
      • Reminder, I can barely walk. ~70 minutes in the pouring rain.
  • Broke my new leg braces. -10 to Stamina. Wait 3 days until they can be fixed.
  • Get sidetracked dreaming about a new comment system for the site. ~5 hours
  • Start writing an article about FLStudio to realize that I don’t want to spend my time that way. ~5 hours.
  • Try to fix the headers on this site that are too long. ~2 hours.
    • Not yet fixed. I don’t have an idea that seems to work, let alone an implementation.
  • Taxes. ~7 hours.

This isn’t twitter, but here I am: complaining.

When I was working on music full-time, a lot of these things gotten eaten by ‘work’ time or it was simply carry-over of my normal day. Now it’s my evenings and weekends after already staring at monospaced text on a computer screen all day.

I’ll get there. It’s been rough.


This post took:

  • 30 minutes to write.
  • ~47 hours of frustration.