Just a quick update - I’ve been dealing with Cluster Headaches (which I’ve written about before) and prodrome/postdrome symptoms for 2 weeks. I’ve been extremely sensitive to sound and light, and haven’t even touched an instrument or DAW in that time.

My wife covered the windows in aluminum foil and I managed to sit on my laptop (with minimum brightness, viewing at an angle) to get a variety of coding tasks done both for this site and elsewhere. Eventually you learn to work in bursts and keep notes, and it’s a great way to stay sane.

However, there’s been no music, woodworking or anything worth writing about. Nor have I been able to finish any of the 75%+ complete articles I have in my backlog. Worry not though, there is content coming.

These sequences of headaches shouldn’t last too long, and I’ve had 6-8 hour symptom free periods for the last two days, so I’m hoping that’s it for at least a few months.

Not looking for sympathy or even concern. I can cope, and everyone around me is awesome (especially my wife). I did have a number of people that were concerned about my absence from the admiralbumblebee realm and I wanted to “check-in”.

p.s. Yes I’ve been to the doctor. I’ve tried the bevy of mainstream and alternative medicines. If you want to suggest something then feel free. I’m open to discussion.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below! I read every comment and respond to most. No registration is necessary to comment, so don’t be shy.