Next up in the latency/jitter testing is Logic!

If you don’t understand what this is, please read the introduction post (This article is being updated if/when changes are made!).

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Read the introduction post. I have updated this post since it was originally published.

For Logic I used Sampler.

Surprisingly, I was unable to find any settings that affected the behaviours of the test. Logic has a number of settings that affect playback/render certain circumstances

Reminder, don’t trust dweebs on the internet. Do the tests yourself, or at least double check my data.

64 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Total - 8.9ms

64 sample buffer

Logic - 64 Sample Buffer (Video)

256 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Total - 16.9ms

256 sample buffer

Logic - 256 Sample Buffer (Video)

1024 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Total -48.9ms

1024 sample buffer

Logic - 1024 Sample Buffer (Video)


Here is a csv of all the data, including the config files used to plot it using deltafinder.

Logic data


  • Logic had near-zero jitter.
    • That 4 sample jitter rears its ugly head again, but only at 64 sample buffer.
      • Because I’ve seen this so many times now, I retested Bitwig because it didn’t exhibit this, and it still doesn’t. This doesn’t seem to be an artifact of the measurement or graphing, as one product does not show this behaviour in the results.
      • Future DAWs also have 0.5 sample variance, so this 4 sample jitter is likely not a testing artifact.
  • Logic had near identical latencies to Bitwig.

Note that there is a fairly common +/- 1 sample variance due to rounding in the measurement and detection of the threshold. The +/- 2 sample variation appears to be DAW specific.

I’m still intrigued by this, and I’d be ready to pass this off as an anomaly of the measurement/testing system, but when one product does not have that variance then… It’s much less likely to be my fault :)


This post took:

  • 6 hours to run through Logic’s dozens of settings to see if any affected the result.
  • 50 minutes to run the tests and write the article.