There’s going to be a plethora of amazing sound examples out in the coming weeks for Axiom, but I think I can provide you a unique experience with my comparator. That means that all of these sounds are LUFS normalized to -18dB LUFS for better comparison.

I’ll do a few styles of guitar, some bass, some drums and some synth processing. These samples don’t come remotely close to covering what Axiom is capable of, but it’s something to whet your appetite.

I’ve tried to keep the riffs simple. I also left in the finger noises, buzzing and other bits. There was no editing or corrective effects applied at all.

Each example will have notes about the guitar used, and a dry clip that you can reference against. I am not using presets here. I created most of these from scratch, so you’re hearing partially my tastes and Axiom’s capability.

Sound samples are recorded in to a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX using the instrument input or using a self-made DI box using a Lundahl 1935 transformer.

There is 187mb of audio here! It will be loaded as soon as you click-through. If you are on a limited data plan, please be careful.

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Guitar: a 2017 Jazzmaster, stock. Bridge pickup, tone 3/4. Standard tuning.

DI: Clarett input.

Tempo: 110bpm

Strings: Fender Pure Nickel 150s



Guitar: a late 90s Epiphone Explorer that has been heavily modified. P90s (unknown original), neck pickup. Tone full. Standard tuning.

DI: Clarett input.

Tempo: 150bpm.

Strings: Daddario Nick wound Regular 10-46

Notes: I really hacked at this one to try to get that sloppy punk feel. Make sure to listen to the dry.

Metal Chug

Guitar: Dean Z79. Middle selector. Full tone. Dropped C tuning.

DI: DIY DI box.

Tempo: 125bpm

Strings: These strings are rusted quite bad. I don’t know what they are. I really like that sound for chuggy metal.

Lead Solo

Notes: I’m not a solo guitarist. Forgive me.

Guitar: Mid 90’s Gibson SG. Neck pickup. 90% tone. Standard tuning.

DI: Focusrite Clarett

Tempo: Rubato

Strings: Elixir Polyweb 10s

Electric Picking

Guitar: Gibson Midtown 2013. Middle selector. Full tone. Standard tuning.

DI: Focusrite Clarett

Tempo: 91bpm

Strings: Elixir Polyweb 9s


Guitar: ‘52 Telecaster (vintage, stock). Middle selector. 50% tone. Standard tuning.


Tempo: 110bpm

Strings: Elixir Nanoweb 12s


A note: all of my bass guitars have flatwound strings. This has a considerable effect on the tone presented. You can listen to the dry samples to get an idea of what the effected versions are based off.


Bass: ‘79 fretless P-bass. Full tone. Standard tuning.

DI: Markbass SA450.

Tempo: 90bpm

Strings: Some random flatwounds.


Bass: Fender Jaguar Custom. Serial. Active Pickups, tone maxxed. Standard turning.

DI: Markbass SA450.

Tempo: 150bpm

Strings: Labella Low Tension Flats


Bass: Danelectro Rumour Bass. 50% tone. Standard Tuning

DI: Focusrite Clarret

Tempo: 125bpm

Strings: Labella Black Nylon Tapewound Light



Ddrum Custom with Variety of Zildjian cymbals.

Tempo: 125bpm

Kick: Heil PR-40 Snare Top: SM57 Transformerless Snare Bottom: Audix I5 Overheads: Audio Technica ATM450 Room: AEA R84

Notes: This is an unmixed drum part. Straight off the mics. No compression, no EQ, no anything.

I threw in a part with a quick mix of the drums using only Axiom instances. I have no musical context to put this in, so it’s a bit hard to come up with something inspiring.

There’s also 3 files of just the room mic.




Tempo: 125bpm

Notes: Thanks to D_Baerit (his soundcloud) for the synth lead.

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