I screwed up this week’s content. MPE in Cubase is the next topic, but I wrote an entire article based on a misunderstanding of the functionality. Nearly everything that I wrote is inaccurate because of a base assumption caused by poor documentation.

Hopefully I can provide content that will help future people from not walking away with a poor view of Cubase’s MPE capabilities.

In the meantime! I’ve realized that the font change did not propagate correctly. With this update the font change should be correct, and if you hate it please let me know in the comments or email me: audiolabs, gmail.

I’ve also made some more changes to improve readability and retention. I’ve been on a big kick reading studies and pedagogic material related to reading comprehension and retention. It’s always been my goal to make this site as readable and navigable as possible. That means not going with some trends, but hopefully my readers appreciate the effort.

I’m still working on supporting accessibility standards. ARIA support is on my list.

Ain’t nuthin’ here boy. Comment if ya wanna.