Rate to Pitch
Rate to Pitch and Preserve

Sometimes in a project you may have some items with

  • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, so that you can stretch them and change the pitch.
  • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on so that you can stretch the item and not change the pitch.
  • Pitch changes via the “Pitch Adjust” parameter.

The following script consolidates the selected items so they retain their length and pitch, but with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on.

It does this by finding items with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, then it translates the rate to pitch, assigns that to the pitch value and turns on “Preserve pitch when changing rate”.

Thanks to Canopy for the idea EDIT: 17th of March - and he corrected the script to work with non-rate pitch-based offset.

The Script

The following code is the script. You can either create a new script via the actions window and drop this in it, or download from here.

To find the location of where to put this:

  • Open Reaper
  • Options menu->Show RESOURCE path in explorer/finder
  • Open the “Scripts” folder
  • Create a new folder (‘AdmiralBumbleBee’ if you wish)
  • Place this file in it
selected_items_count = reaper.CountSelectedMediaItems(0)


-- INITIALIZE loop through selected items
for i = 0, selected_items_count-1  do
  item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(0, i) -- Get selected item i

  take = reaper.GetActiveTake(item)

  preserve = reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take ,"B_PPITCH")

  if preserve == 0 then
    oldpitch = reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, "D_PITCH")
    rate = reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, "D_PLAYRATE")
    newRate = 1
    newPitch = (((12/math.log(2)) * math.log(rate)) + oldpitch)
    reaper.SetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, "D_PITCH", newPitch)
    reaper.SetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value(take, "B_PPITCH", 1)


end -- ENDLOOP through selected items

reaper.Undo_EndBlock("Change Rates to Pitch and Preserve Pitch", -1)

Special Thanks

Thank you to Elan Hickler for the pitch/rate scripts HERE, and ExtremRaym.

I borrowed some ideas from these resources to cobble this together.

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