New Schedule and DP10

Digital Performer 10 is out! That’s awesome, and normally I’d be blasting you with content RIGHT NOW.

But I’m not. Yet.

It’s coming soon…

Forcing myself to publish weekly has really cramped me hard. I end up with spare time sitting on drafts I don’t care about, or I end up spending 18 hours on Friday and 18 hours on Saturday to torture myself.

I really miss doing short “tips” type things that I can’t fit in with the weekly style, because I need to focuse on my deadline. I want to do more of those again. I also want the freedom to indulge in random curiosities I dive into on a whim, and write as I do so.

So the next article is coming when it’s ready. Every article after that will come when it’s ready. The total content should increase and it will likely still be ~4 posts a month. The time between articles will be variable though.

(Also 15th wedding anniversary coming up… So ya’ll get to wait while I enjoy that this week.)

Kali LP8 Review

Kali Audio LP8
Kali Audio LP8

First thing my wife said was “Wow, these look legit.”

I’m reviewing the Kali Audio LP-8 Studio Monitors today.

I didn’t think they looked legit personally. I thought they were just your standard cheap studio monitors. They don’t have that intimidating heft when you take them out of the box, or the firmness on the baffle.

My disclaimer about paying for the product is at the end of the review this time.

Let’s see how they stand up!

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Harrison AVA Multiband Compressor Review: Part 2

This surely isn't clickbait.
It seems there was an accident Mrs. Smith, I'm sorry but your husband...

Uh oh. AVA Multiband Compressor was serendipitously broken. I reviewed it broken, and I liked it broken. Harrison Consoles has issued an update that fixes this, but what’s happened? Why? How? What’s new? What happened to the old behaviour?

And more importantly, should you be mad?

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Harrison AVA Multiband Compressor review

Comparison to Market Leaders
Comparison to Market Leaders

Harrison AVA Multiband Compressor is out, and I spent some time looking over it and using it in some projects.

What follows are the results of my investigation and general thoughts.

I DID NOT PAY FOR THIS PRODUCT I am both a beta tester and received an NFR review copy. If you feel that this has possibly coloured my review, please let me know.

IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! After reading this article, please read the followup article.

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Studio life in detail

Drum Stick

Often people say that they enjoy my website because of the detail that I go into. I recently acquired a Panasonic G9 and some lenses, so I thought that I would take some time to do some photography in the studio.

What follows is some macro photos, along with a wider angle shot, of various things around the studio.

These images were stacked for me in Zerene Stacker. The necessity of this is something that may be covered in another post. Getting these photos took me about 12 hours, and even then I’m not fully happy with them.


This is also my second article in a row without an accompanying video. I have nothing to really talk about on video, so I’m not making a useless video of me just jabbering. They’ll come as they come… especially after NAMM.

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Interview with Rob Stenson of Goodhertz, and of Rob Stenson.

Rob Stenson (stolen from twitter)
Rob Stenson (stolen from twitter)

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rob Stenson, who you may know better from Goodhertz or maybe as a banjoist. I use Goodhertz plugins as a reference for various plugin functionality, so I was excited to have this chat.

I tried to shy away from any information you can already find, such as this interview of himself(??) or this other interview of himself.

I hope you enjoy, and I’d like to thank Rob for the opportunity and his time yet again!

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