• Reaper Script Showcase

    If you take a look up on the menu bar, you will see a new feature on the site: The Reaper Script Showcase.

    I have compiled a number of the flashiest and most useful Reaper scripts in to a central location and created very short videos+explanations of their usefulness. If you know of any cool scrips then please let me know!

  • Reaper Script Rate to Pitch and Preserve

    Rate to Pitch Rate to Pitch and Preserve

    Sometimes in a project you may have some items with

    • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, so that you can stretch them and change the pitch.
    • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on so that you can stretch the item and not change the pitch.
    • Pitch changes via the “Pitch Adjust” parameter.

    The following script consolidates the selected items so they retain their length and pitch, but with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on.

    It does this by finding items with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, then it translates the rate to pitch, assigns that to the pitch value and turns on “Preserve pitch when changing rate”.

    Thanks to Canopy for the idea

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  • Cool things in Mixbus Part 1

    Some things 3 goodies to check out in Mixbus

    Mixbus has a number of awesome features that don’t have anything to do with its much lauded ‘Mixbusses’. This begins a multi-part series covering some of these aspects, and eventually the mixbusses themselves.

    Let’s dive in!

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  • The DAW Chart Feature

    New Chart! An image of the new Chart!

    If you look in the menu you will see the new DAW Chart. It has a host of new features and will be evolving consistently.

    Currently it’s version 0.1. Rather than sitting on it trying to perfect it I am releasing the preliminary information so that I can receive feedback and improve it.

    Currently I also need to re-code it as well, but that will come over time as I get ideas of new features to add to it.

    I hope you enjoy it!

  • Realtime pitch-tracked EQ bands in ReaEQ

    Tracking synthesizer audio then voice

    If you read my post on Keytracking then maybe you saw that I implied that you can use the pitch of any audio signal.

    So let me share how you can modulate the frequency value of a ReaEQ band by the incoming audio’s pitch!

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  • Keytrack any parameter in Reaper with this script

    Midi notes modulating parameter values

    Keytracking is a capability that many synthesizers have. It allows you to modulate a parameter by the value of the incoming midi note.

    This capability is very useful to be applied outside of a synthesizer. Perhaps you want your higher frequency synth notes to have more reverb than the lower frequency notes, or maybe you want an LFO to be less drastic when you’re playing bass notes.

    I’ve written a JSFX script for reaper that allows you to use midi-note values to modulate parameters. Let me show you how to use it.

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  • 30 days of Mixbus 32c 4.1

    Mixbus! Mixbus almost in Action

    Next up on the 30 day list is Mixbus 32c 4.1. This time I will not be using it for all my work, but instead trying to shoe it in as often as possible. I guarantee at least 100 hours spent in it by the end of this review however.

    Mixbus is actually a rather unique product with a number of interesting features. A number of reviews across the internet have already explored Mixbus as a ‘mixing software’, but I will be considering Mixbus as an entire package.

    Is Mixbus a good standalone DAW? That is the context of the review.

    I will also be reviewing the Mixbus Plug-ins during the effects review.

    Let’s see how well this upstart product compares to many of the more popular products on the market!

  • DAW Chart Explained

    The DAW Chart is a contentious subject and I receive many questions about it. I’ve decided to re-haul it and include an explanation of what I’m looking for when I rate a specific aspect of a DAW.

    The next DAW Chart will be out soon enough, but for now click through to see the new categories and what I’m looking for when giving products ratings.

    If you have suggestions for what I should cover then please let me know. I will be updating this as I go through my notes. Right now it’s just a brain-dump.

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  • Drumstick modification results

    Sticks Out Sticks as seen far away

    A while ago I wrote a post about modifying your drumsticks to help them last longer. I also have a video on the topic using another method that any drummer can execute, even on store-bought sticks without any tools.

    It really will make your drumsticks last longer, sound better and get you all the ladies (guys).

    Let me show you the results and benefits of the modification.

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  • Awesome yet simple Threaded Rod/Screw cutting jig

    Finished Easy and repeatable threaded rod cutting

    Cutting threaded rod is a pain. Even with the correct equipment it can be error prone.

    If you have a saw, a drill and a short piece of wood then you can quickly make a jig that allows you to make repeatable cuts on threaded rod or bolts.

    Read more to see the whole process.

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