• DAW Feature Chart Update!

    Chart Update Updated!

    I’ve updated the DAW Feature Chart with some big rating changes. Mixbus is finished for V4.2. I added a couple new categories as well. Reaper was lowered in some areas (oh no!).

    I also updated all of the old DAW Chart posts with a link to the new version.

    All of the categories/sections have links that link to an explanation of what that rating considers.

    If you have any suggestions or questions about ratings, please leave a comment or e-mail me. Thank you!

  • Cleaning Moongels or nipple covers, and alternatives (to the moongels)

    Messed up moongels I hope your moongels never look like this, but if they do…

    Moongels are awesome products for damping the resonant ringing on drums. The downside is that they are surprisingly expensive (about $2usd each pad) and drums are a dirty environment. The stickiness of them deteriorates over time and they lose their usefulness.

    Recently I was cleaning my moongels, which I’ve been using for about 16 years, and I thought, “I wonder how other people do this?”. It turns out that I could find no information on that. Since I think 16 years is a pretty good run with the same set of moongels, perhaps my method is sufficient.

    So in this post I’m going to help you find alternatives to Moongels and show you how to clean moongels to a like-new state so that they can be re-used time and time again.

    p.s. This whole process works great on polyurethane and silocone Nipple Covers. The sort of thing women use for modesty or anyone uses to avoid chaffing. Just substitute ‘moongel’ for ‘nipple cover’ and you’re in business. It works great on both.

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  • Question and Answer with Fabien Schivre from Tokyo Dawn

    Q&A Discord q&a with Fabien

    Recently on the EDM Production discord that I help administrate, I held a Q&A with Fabien Schivre from Tokyo Daw. Specifically we discussed Tokyo Dawn Labs.

    Click through for the whole Q&A as I’ve transcribed it.

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  • 30 Days without Fabfilter products

    Fabfilter description

    Fabfilter makes amazing products with amazing GUIs. I think every modern music producer or engineer knows this by now.

    I have found myself to being too reliant on their products though, so for my next 30 days I’m going to not use any Fabfilter products. When I’m done I’ll write a post explaining why I went back to Fabfilter or why I fell in love with something else.

    Currently I have some ideas of what I will replace things with, but that will grow. Read more to find out my plans, and comment if you have any awesome suggestions!

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  • Gainstaging for the modern musician

    VUMT VUMT Deluxe, VU Meter

    Gain staging. It’s a popular phrase now. It was a popular phrase before, but it is now too. There was a short period in the late 80s, 90s and early 00’s where, as digital tookover, people forgot it was a thing.

    Now we have a whole generation of musically-inclined people that are learning to work entirely digitally, and the necessity of gain staging has slipped by their grasp. It used to be an obvious skill, but now the benefits are a matter of workflow rather than a matter of basic operation.

    I get asked about gain staging all the time, and while I generally try to avoid writing about things that are already explained elsewhere, I am going to tackle this one. Why? Because there’s one aspect of gain staging that matters to everyone, and almost nobody discusses it.


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  • 30 Days with Ardour, again. Version 5.12

    Ardour v2 Ardour, using the ‘Cubasish’ colour theme

    If you follow this blog then you’d know that I’ve been reviewing mixbus for “30 days” (more like 2.5 months).

    You may also know that Mixbus is based upon Ardour, an open source DAW. I previously started a review with Ardour, and stopped due to some issues that made it not possible for me to work efficiently.

    Clearly, as I’ve been using Mixbus 4.1/4.2, Ardour is up to the task of being used and I have been using it. According to my time sink logs I’ve spent about 60 hours in Ardour working on a project, and looking at the differences between the current version 5.12.

    So I’m going to take a moment and give a very short review of Ardour and explain some differences from the Mixbus review I did. I won’t be covering all of the differences between Mixbus and Ardour, but I will cover what I feel is fairly important.

    First check over the other posts I’ve written about Mixbus and Ardour.

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  • Harrison Mixbus Conclusion

    Here it is. After a number of posts going over some of the unique things about Mixbus, the final post in what was supposed to be a 30 day review.

    First check over the other posts I’ve written and then after the break I’ll give a summary of my feelings about Mixbus.

    Warning: No fancy pictures, just text today!

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  • Mixbus Audio Editing

    Audio Editing Audio Editing

    In this penultimate post regarding Mixbus, I’m going to cover some of the more useful or unique features of Audio editing.

    Mixbus covers most of the basic editing functions that you’d expect in a DAW. Here I’m going to cover the more useful or unusual features.

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  • Mixbus MIDI Editing

    MIDI editing MIDI Editing

    In this third-to-last post of the mixbus review, I’m covering the MIDI editing capabilities.

    I will say that I am not primarily a MIDI-based musician. I do work with MIDI and softsynths in my freetime, however my knowledge of the needs of a professional composer are not personally acquired.

    Let’s get on to it.


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  • Updates to Reaper Script Showcase and DAW Chart

    I’m taking a bit of a break this half-week before I finish my Mixbus 32c Review.

    I have made some updates to the Reaper Script Showcase and the DAW Feature Chart. The DAW Feature chart has had a number of updates based on feedback from users. I’m not infallible! If you think I’ve made a mistak then please speak up.

    I’ve also had some direct interaction with DAW Developers informing me of features that I may or may not know about, and some scores have been changed based on that feedback (betters and worse).

    So meanwhile, check out those features and let me know what you think in the comments or via e-mail!

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