Design Update again

I screwed up this week’s content. MPE in Cubase is the next topic, but I wrote an entire article based on a misunderstanding of the functionality. Nearly everything that I wrote is inaccurate because of a base assumption caused by poor documentation.

Hopefully I can provide content that will help future people from not walking away with a poor view of Cubase’s MPE capabilities.

In the meantime! I’ve realized that the font change did not propagate correctly. With this update the font change should be correct, and if you hate it please let me know in the comments or email me: audiolabs, gmail.

I’ve also made some more changes to improve readability and retention. I’ve been on a big kick reading studies and pedagogic material related to reading comprehension and retention. It’s always been my goal to make this site as readable and navigable as possible. That means not going with some trends, but hopefully my readers appreciate the effort.

I’m still working on supporting accessibility standards. ARIA support is on my list.

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What is MPE

What is MPE?
What is MPE?

In the next Article I will be covering MPE in Cubase 10 (article 2/4 in the ongoing Cubase 10 series). Naturally, I need to first explain what MPE is and why you should care.

I will be avoiding discussing MPE capable instruments or synthesizers. This is just about MPE.

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Design Update

I’ve recently taken time to do research on font design for impaired readers. Specifically those with dyslexia.

I’ve also updated the DAW Chart, and FreeBees list.

I’ve also changed the general site design to be a bit more responsive, and slightly asymmetrical. Overall readability and navigability should be improved.

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The top 10: Overlooked Mixing Features in Cubase

Mixers... Plural?
Mixers... Plural?

Cubase has some really neat features for when you’re mixing your project. Some of them are available in other DAWS, but I know of nothing that matches Cubase in the complete workflow.

So give me a few minutes of your time as I count down demonstrate the features that I think get too little recognition for how useful they are.

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4 Articles with Cubase and General Update

Cubase, again
Cubase, again

So rather than a ‘30 days with…’, I’m instead going to do a ‘4 articles with’. That should amount to 30-45 days of usage.

What am I using primarily this time? Cubase 10.

So I’ll be focusing on some things that I like/dislike in Cubase, along with some general commentary and maybe some tips/tricks?

I won’t be covering anything that I’ve covered already. Only new stuff.

Read more if you want to know why there’s no ‘real’ article this week, and why there may not be one next week.

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Kilohearts Phase Plant Review


Kilohearts Phase Plant has been out a little while now, and I’ve spent a good bit of time with it.

I rarely do reviews when I believe something has been covered thoroughly, and I think Phase Plant has been. Hopefully I can provide some level of thoroughness and maybe a bit of insight beyond what else is out there.

This review is of the Professional version.

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Interview with KiloHearts

Phase Plant
Phase Plant

We recently had an interview session with the fine people at KiloHearts over at the EDMP Discord

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DAW Chart Update July 2019

I’ve update the DAW Chart! I know, you’re excited.

Here’s the features of this update:

  • FLStudio 20.5
  • Logic 10.4.5
  • Reason 10.4
  • Mixbus 5.2
  • SAWStudio removed - I will not be purchasing the SAWStudio64 update, so it would be perpetually out of date from this time forward. (Also, I hate windows)
  • NEW Excluded sections - These sections only count if you manually weight them. They do not show in the “Combined Totals”. This allows me to have highly subjective ratings that are ‘opt-in only’ for total ratings.
  • NEW Menu category
  • NEW Window Management category
  • NEW Subjective Section
    • NEW Weirdness Category - how far does the DAW deviate from the norm?
    • NEW Comprehensibility Category - how difficult is it to become an ‘advanced’ user of a product?
    • NEW Fragility Category - how do a product’s updates (or lack of) impede your workflow?
    • NEW Professionalism Category - how well does the product cater to ‘professional’ (money-making) workflows orthogonal to music-making
    • NEW Simplicity Category - This is NOT EASE OF USE. Simplicity is related to comprehensibility. It’s ease of understanding as opposed to ease of use. Unlike comprehensibility, this is how little knowledge is necessary to comprehend the primary workflows of the software.
  • NEW Bias Category - Like anyone, I have a bias to/for a given product. I have done my best to convey how I feel that I’m biased on a scale of 0-10. Weighted only.
    • NEW Preference - My personal preference for the products.
    • NEW History - How long I’ve been using the product relative to its total existence.
    • NEW Connections - My personal connections to people, testing and my own dependence on the product.


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Sample Accurate JSFX in Reaper

Reaper with Sample Accurate JSFX
Reaper with Sample Accurate JSFX

In the last DAW v DAW post I indicated that JSFX in Reaper may be flawed. I was obviously wrong, I knew I was wrong, and here’s where I explain how I was wrong.

No text today. If you like text, then go read the documentation.

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DAW v DAW - Part 4: Plugin Automation

Pro Tools?
Pro Tools? (Click for larger image)

Even MORE DAW testing. This time we reach the darkest, ugliest corner of Automation across DAWs: plugin automation.

This is a very difficult thing to test fairly, so instead I’ll be walking you through how things can work, how you can test them, and how to express your anger in a healthy manner.

Next in the series won’t be automation. :) (Even though there will be more automation to explore…)

Other posts in this series:

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Right in the Bunghole with Kali Audio LP8s

Bunghole - an aperture through which a cask can be filled or emptied.

Also, an ode to Beavis and Butthead.

Today I’ll be experimenting with my Kali Audio LP8s. A simple “mod” that’s been around almost as long as speakers have been around and the ramifications.

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