Creating lists of plugins with Tesseract

Trippy image processing step

Have you ever wondered how I create those lists of plugins when I do plugin reviews like these: like: Mixbus Effects, Mixbus Instruments, Bitwig Effects, Bitwig Instruments, Cubase Effects, Studio One Effects and Studio One Instruments?

I sure don’t type all that out! I have it partially automated. I have a script that does a lot of this for me.

Let me walk you through how I use Tesseract OCR, ImageMagick and Regular Expressions to do the heavy lifting for me. I will walk you through the individual steps of how I process screenshots with OCR, but not the creation of the script that does everything for me.

This post assumes that you are on a Unix or Linux distro. This can be done on Windows, but I won’t be covering that.

Note: If it’s not obvious, I’m buying a bit of time for my Logic Effects and Instruments reviews again. They’re coming, but it’s a lot of work!

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Logic Pro X Tips & Tricks and more cool things

Part 6
Save some money with one of these tips!

I need a few extra days to work on the effects review like I’ve done for other products like: Mixbus Effects, Mixbus Instruments, Bitwig Effects, Bitwig Instruments, Cubase Effects, Studio One Effects and Studio One Instruments.

I’m trying to improve each successive review, so this one is taking more time than any previously. Of course, I also hope to update previous reviews soon… maybe. The Studio One reviews particularly need an update.

Anyway! Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned while writing this Logic review… and 5 more cool things about Logic Pro X!

P.S. Huge shoutout to Edgar Rothermich, Eli Krantzberg, the aforementioned at Logic Pro expert and the staff at Logic Pro Help. Some of these tips come from their awesome resources. I also highly recommend Edgar’s Graphically Enhanced Manuals. I’ve gone through the free selection and they are awesome. These guys all are ‘Cool things’ about Logic.

Parts in this series:

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Cool things in Logic Pro X Part 5

Logic Part 5
Can you guess what's in this episode?

This is it! The final ‘Cool things’ feature in Logic Pro X while I spend a month using it. There will still be the effects and instruments review and a couple more posts though!

There’s no theme again today. You may notice that I’ve also apparently overlooked some crazy cool features in Logic, like the environment. I only am doing this for 30 days, and I have to pick the things that I think will be most exciting or enlightening for folks. I have a list of 12 other features I wanted to include, but there’s only so much time!

  • Controller mapping
  • Capture Recording
  • Speed Fades
  • Snapshot Automation
  • Import Logic Projects

Other parts in this series:

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Themes have been added!

Dark mode!
Dark mode

Upon Popular request… this website now has a ‘dark mode’. Just hit that ‘Dark Theme’ or ‘Light Theme’ button in the navigation bar to switch. The value is saved with a 1000 day cookie.

The DAW Feature Chart is still the same colours. It’s pretty mild so I won’t change that unless there’s some request.

I wrote this myself and I’m certainly no javascript genius. I’m also not a designer by any means, so I’m sure I can improve the theme colours.

Here’s how it works… (please berate me if I did something stupid, thank you).

p.s. This was broken only when viewing the page for this post. I’ve since fixed that. Sorry!

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Major site updates

I’ve made some fairly major backend updates to the website. MUCH BETTER mobile experience, more responsive site layout, improved side bars (which I’ll make use of later), better text formatting and more.

I’ve also updated the DAW chart with a few new categories and much better formatting.

I’ve removed the experimental ‘Mixing Services’ service as well. The intent was to provide lower-cost mixing services to musicians that may benefit from less thorough mixing services. The result was me doing far more work for much less money. It was an interesting experiment while it lasted, but I’m back to my previous rates. E-mail me (as usual) at audiolabs via gmail for any information.

Please let me know if anything is broken in the comments, thank you!

Cool things in Logic Pro X Part 4

Logic Part 4
Screenshots all globbed together, Modern Art

And here we are with the penultimate ‘Cool things’ feature in Logic Pro X while I spend a month using it. One more ‘Cool Things’ post, a surprise, effects review, instruments review and a conclusion are still coming.

There’s no theme today, I’m just grabbing 5 things from my list I’ve been making and going with it.

  • Plugin Organization
  • Swipe Comping
  • Alternatives and Reversions
  • Content
  • Automatic connections

Other parts in this series:

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Cool things in Logic Pro X Part 3

Logic Part 3
My niece rocking out after Christmas

After a short holidy break I’m here to continue my series Logic Pro X while I spend a month using it.

Today I’m covering a selection of features that I think are criminally overlooked in other examinations of Logic that I’ve read online.

  • Logic Remote
  • Drummer
  • Multi and Dual Mono
  • Convert to Sampler Track

Other parts in this series:

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Great learning resources for Musicians

A very nice user has created a selection of resources for musicians learning production.

I strongly suggest checking it out above and seeing if there’s any resources that you may not be familiar with.

You can contact the author on twitter or on discord as user Tainmere#1284.

p.s. I am not very good at taking breaks. Can you tell?

Reascript showcase updates and DAW Chart discussions/updates.

A small note that the Reaper Script Showcase has been updated with a number of new scripts, videos and faster loading time!

There’s also been some discussions about the DAW Chart on the Reaper forums and The feedback isn’t always positive, but I’m constantly trying to improve relative to any feedback given.

The DAW Chart has also received a number of updates due to these discussions.

If you have any questions, concerns, criticisms, rants or just wanna say thanks… please contact me! audiolabs via gmail.

EDIT - December 30th - I added a new Extensibility category and updated a few other ratings.

Merry Christmas!

Some gifts that I received

I’m taking a short break (~5-7 days) for this holiday season. I’m not counting these next few days as part of my 30 days with Logic Pro X so don’t worry, you’re not getting ripped off!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Meanwhile, check out some of the gifts I received for Christmas!

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