• Wood cutting macro photographs

    Start Our starting wood

    Recently I came in to possession of a Laguna Resaw King bandsaw blade. I heard that it leaves tablesaw-like quality cuts, and would be superior to my Spectrum Supply KerfMaster or Highland Woodslicer.

    So to test this, I took a piece of Jatoba which is a wood I use very often, and rip cut it on the same Grizzly G0555X with a riser block with various blades. I timed myself to try and keep the feed rate identical. From there I also prepared samples with low, medium and high angle blade setups in my Veritas bevel-up smoother, my tablesaw with a Dewalt DW7140PT blade, and both sides of a Gyokucho Ryoba for hardwoods.

    From there I took maocro photographs of each sample in the same lighting. I used a Canon 600d with a EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS on a Reversing Ring. The angle of some photos is changed slightly to help accentuate certain details. You may notice a large variation in colour across the photos, but that is representative of the changes in the wood itself as a result of the preparation method! The frame size is ~4mm.

    I’ve organized the images in order from what I feel is worst quality finish to best.

    Let’s get on to it…

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  • Mixbus 32c - The Mixer

    Mixer The Mixbus Mixer

    Mixbus is often seen as a program that, after doing all of your work in another DAW, you drop in stems and mix with. I don’t think that this is necessarily the best use of Mixbus, since it’s a fantastic full-fledged DAW in its own right, however it is one of the best aspects of Mixbus.

    The mixer in mixbus is not your typical digital summing box. Each channel has a selection of features that optionally can be sent to a mixbus with a number of features that goes to a master bus with a number of features which can optionally go through a monitoring section with a number of features.

    Let’s just dive in and go through what the Mixbus 32c mixer offers.

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  • Hurrican Irma

    Irma Irma

    Blog updates will be paused for the next ~5-7 days or so. I am in the direct path of Hurricane Irma.

    I am taking care to be safe, so don’t worry about me. Just don’t expect any updates here for the next week or so!

  • Cool things in Mixbus part 4

    Part 4 Unique Workflow Enhancers

    This time in Mixbus we’re covering some workflow enhancers that are rarely found in other products.

    • Meter Bridge
    • OSC
    • Scripting

    Don’t forget Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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  • Cool things in Mixbus Part 3

    Part 3 Quality of life improvements

    This time I’m covering some quality of life improvements that Mixbus offers. Seemingly little things that make day-to-day studio life much easier.

    None of these are really ground-breaking features, but they can easily save you hours a week… and probably some stress too.

    • Spectral Analysis
    • Inline scopes
    • Basic Editing
    • Automatic Range Editing

    Don’t forget Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4.

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  • Cool things in Mixbus Part 2

    Part 2 More cool features

    In part 1 I covered some cool features in Mixbus 4. Here in part 2 I’m going to cover three more awesome features in mixbus.

    • Loudness Analysis
    • Export Features
    • Persistant Undo

    Don’t forget Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4.

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  • Reaper Script Showcase

    If you take a look up on the menu bar, you will see a new feature on the site: The Reaper Script Showcase.

    I have compiled a number of the flashiest and most useful Reaper scripts in to a central location and created very short videos+explanations of their usefulness. If you know of any cool scrips then please let me know!

  • Reaper Script Rate to Pitch and Preserve

    Rate to Pitch Rate to Pitch and Preserve

    Sometimes in a project you may have some items with

    • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, so that you can stretch them and change the pitch.
    • “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on so that you can stretch the item and not change the pitch.
    • Pitch changes via the “Pitch Adjust” parameter.

    The following script consolidates the selected items so they retain their length and pitch, but with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” on.

    It does this by finding items with “Preserve pitch when changing rate” off, then it translates the rate to pitch, assigns that to the pitch value and turns on “Preserve pitch when changing rate”.

    Thanks to Canopy for the idea

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  • Cool things in Mixbus Part 1

    Some things 3 goodies to check out in Mixbus

    Mixbus has a number of awesome features that don’t have anything to do with its much lauded ‘Mixbusses’. This begins a multi-part series covering some of these aspects, and eventually the mixbusses themselves.

    • Optimize Polarity
    • Audio Connection Manager
    • Grouping

    Let’s dive in!

    Don’t forget Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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  • The DAW Chart Feature

    New Chart! An image of the new Chart!

    If you look in the menu you will see the new DAW Chart. It has a host of new features and will be evolving consistently.

    Currently it’s version 0.1. Rather than sitting on it trying to perfect it I am releasing the preliminary information so that I can receive feedback and improve it.

    Currently I also need to re-code it as well, but that will come over time as I get ideas of new features to add to it.

    I hope you enjoy it!

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