• A real Metronome or Click track in Reaper with toolbar button

    A real click track in Reaper

    I like to have a real click track in my project. That means that I want have a track with the click that I can put on effects or use as a sidechain source. I don’t want a phantom click source that just plays when the project plays. I want a track.

    Reaper allows you to do this, but if you want a button on your toolbar to control that track then you gotta write a script or two to make that work. So that’s what I’ve done.

    Click through to see how I setup a real click track, with effects, and a toolbar button that controls it.

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  • DAW Chart v6 and Studio One 3.5

    Preview Just another chart

    So I’ve updated the DAW chart after my 30 days of bitwig. I’m also updating it due to some changes in Reaper and Studio One as well.

    Speaking of Studio One, let’s go over some of the great free changes in 3.5!

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  • How this site works - The technologies behind it

    SCM SCM management

    I’ve received some questions over time about how I blog. What platform I use, how I manage dependencies, how I achieve certain effects, how I update, how I handle images etc…

    I primarily use Docker, Jekyll, Mercurial and Visual Studio Code. Click through to see how I use these things together to create what you’re reading now.

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  • Bitwig Conclusion

    bitwig! Time is up!

    July 4th was my last day of of using Bitwig via the ‘30 days’ monicker.

    I’ve made my decision on whether I’m going to continue with it or fall back to Renoise.

    Let’s see what I’ve decided and why…

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  • DIY Fix or re-glue Acoustic Guitar Brace

    Broken brace Detached inner top brace

    It’s not terribly uncommon for an old guitar to have an inner brace detach. It’s more likely if the guitar is thrown between high and low humidity and high to low temperature environments.

    My wife has her mother’s guitar which is a 70s Cortley. The guitar was heavily used and often left in a hot car. One of the braces on the top (on the opposite side of what you see) came loose.

    It may not be totally obvious when this occurs, but a sudden or gradual deadening of the sustain is a sure-sign of an issue. You can also thumb the top with your finger around the guitar and take note of any drastic assymetrical differences along the axis continued by the fretboard. You can also just throw a mirror in side and check!

    Let me show you how easy this is to fix, and how to do it right.

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  • Things that Bitwig could improve.

    Tooltips Tooltip… not very useful

    Bitwig is a cool DAW no doubt, but there’s a number of things that could be greatly improved.

    Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things that I’ve found problematic in my time with Bitwig so far…

    (Using BITWIG STUDIO 2.1.1 as of the time of this writing)

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  • Bitwig Instruments, Note Effects and Instrument Containers Review

    Instruments! Some Bitwig instruments in action

    A DAW that’s aimed at electronic musicians needs to supply at least a basic set of instruments so the user can get making some music right away. Bitwig has a decent set of included instruments, and it has note effects (midi effects).

    Let’s see how they are…

    Spoiler - Overall rating:

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  • Mobile Updates

    Small update, lots of work: The site should now work better on mobile.

    Sorry for taking so long, but I don’t have a phone with a web browser so I never really paid much attention.

    It should be much better now.

  • Bitwig Effects review

    Effects! Bitwig’s effects…

    Bitwig comes with a number of stock effects. Not only are these effects largely competent in their own right, Bitwig also has some very clever routing and a comprehensive modulation system that greatly enhances what you can do with the devices.

    I’m going to cover every single audio effect included in Bitwig with a basic rundown of what it does, some cool bonus features and my ADRB rating.

    Spoiler - Overall rating:

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  • Bitwig Modulators - The coolest part of Bitwig

    Simple synth made with modulators!

    Bitwig has what they call their unified modulation system. The modulation system is a set of modulation devices that can be applied to any visible parameter of any effect or instrument in Bitwig.

    Along with the capability of modulating existing parameters, Bitwig’s modulation system is capable of being a full-fledged digital modular synthesizer!

    Come with me as I walk you through probably the coolest feature in Bitwig, and perhaps a ‘killer feature’ if you’re looking to switch to Bitwig from another DAW

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