Next up in the latency/jitter testing is Cubase!

If you don’t understand what this is, please read the introduction post (This article is being updated if/when changes are made!).

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Read the introduction post. I have updated this post since it was originally published.

For Cubase I used a Sampler track.

No settings affected these results. (ASIO-Guard had no influence, among other settings).

Reminder, don’t trust dweebs on the internet. Do the tests yourself, or at least double check my data.

64 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Input - 4.583ms
  • Output - 4.354ms

64 sample buffer

Cubase - 64 Sample Buffer (Video)

256 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Input - 8.583ms
  • Output - 8.354ms

256 sample buffer

Cubase - 256 Sample Buffer (Video)

1024 sample buffer

Reported Latency

  • Input - 24.583ms
  • Output - 24.533ms

1024 sample buffer

Cubase - 1024 Sample Buffer (Video)


Here is a csv of all the data, including the config files used to plot it using deltafinder.

Cubase data


  • Cubase experiences the “MIDI Jitter” problem being investigated.
  • Cubase’s is the lowest, along with Waveform


This post took:

  • 1 hour to mess with Cubase’s settings.
  • 22 minutes to test.
  • 30 minutes to write the article.