• Sharpening Station

    Sharpening Station

    Yep, I’ve been gone for about 1 month. I was working hard on a big post about… something which I’ll write about later. In the meantime, since I do not have running water in the shop I made a little wall-hanging sharpening station. It’s already quite dirty from use, and it works fantastic!

    The whole thing is made of white pine 2”x4”, 18mm birch plywood and the following parts:

    How you build the basin and cabinet is up to you. I have it finished in 5 coats of water-based polyurethane, waxed then sealed with 100% silicone sealant. The basin is totally water tight.

    How it works is simple. The pump pumps water from a bucket up to some vinyl pipe that’s hidden in a channel behind the cabinet. The basin has vinyl tubing going back to the bucket. The pump is placed on the side of the bucket to minimize sediment pickup, and I will be adding a filter for the drain hose.

    I used a footswitch (barely seen in the lower right) to activate the pump, and there’s LED strip lighting (I pulled a piece so you can see it) under the shelf for lighting.

    If someone needs the plans, I can put it together in sketchup. I do think that if you’re capable of building it, you should be capable of designing something that works for your situation though!

    This post took 45 minutes to research, photograph, write and edit. If you appreciate the information presented then please donate!

  • Refrigerator Guard

    Fridge guards Wood refrigerator shelf guards

    I’ve been busy working on a music-based post regarding DAWs lately. It’s very time-consuming but the results of the work are rather interesting. It could possibly cause a rather large uproar in the music world…

    Meanwhile, I needed new fridge door guards. I still need to sand, add another coat of paint, then chamfer and plug the screw head bores. You can see the ridiculous attachment method on the bottom. I basically had to carve that out by hand and eye so it fits tightly. Sitting on the kitchen floor with my wood-chip-filled zafu and japanese-style porta-shop setup was fun.

    The original plastic guards need to be bent to install, but these are too rigid. Prettier and more permanent joinery was not an option since I need to install them in place and have the option of non-destructively installing them later. I did make a nice blind-domed-dovetail guard, but I couldn’t get it in.

    And yes… I am cleaning that nasty gunk on the bottom. It builds up quick from various soy-based spills :( I clean the thing bi-weekly.

    Cost to buy 3 new guards? $94 before shipping and tax.

    Cost to make 3 guards? $2 worth of pine + 3 hours (including 2 coats of shellac-based sealer and 2 coats of paint)

  • Drumstick modification

    Bulbus things Stick Modification

    Recently I was told by my neurologist that the frequent pain/tingling/itching/weird sensations all over my body are likely due to small fiber peripheral neuropathy, which is not uncommon in people with autonomic failure such as I’ve been diagnosed with. I’ve dealt with the autonomic failure for years, and while it’s a pain, I’ve mostly managed.

    The neuropathy is affecting my ability to be a musician though. Specifically, it’s greatly affected by ability to play drums. After playing for an hour, my hands will tingle for hours or days after. I think that this is partially due to me holding my drumsticks too close to the butt.

    For a much more detailed look at the phenomenon that I think is contributing to my issue read this article.


    To help alleviate that I’ve decided to make a modification to my drumsticks which I already make myself.

    Let me walk you through the basic process.

    Trigger alert: I frequently mix imperial and metric. Whichever label I present first is the one that I used when making this. I have my reasons for mixing measurements (largely due to available tooling in the US), and if this bothers you then… well… too bad.

    I also mix decimal and fractional measurements.

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  • Cubase 9 Audio Effects Review


    The Studio One Effects Review and Studio One Instruments Review appear to have been one of the more popular posts on my blog according to analytics. In a close second Place are the Digital Performer series.

    So now I’m going to review the included audio effects in the latest from Steinberg: Cubase 9 Pro.

    There’s 70+ of them. So hang on tight! (and please read the ‘Rating’ section first!)

    Spoiler: Overall rating

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  • Update 2


    I adjusted the size of images on the page to be more reasonable, and I did some lossless compression to all images.

    The website went from… well… See the image above.

  • Updates

    VS Code VS Code in action

    Firstly, I’ve added a Donate Button in the menu bar, and at the bottom of every new post. Some of these posts take me a lot of time, and I will also be relaying how much time it took me to create the post.

    On another topic, I have a thing I do called my “Monthly Challenge”. Once a month I purposely challenge myself to something new. It may be creating a new habit, changing a habit, trying new software etc… I’ve written about some of these in my DAW posts, but I will be trying to post about all of them on my blog now.

    This month I’ve decided to stop using VIM for text editing. I’ve decided to try the following editors in its place: Sublime Text, Atom, TextMate, VSCode and Brackets.

    I will tell you that off the bat, I absolutely LOVE VSCode. I’ve written the last 2 components for this site and the last 2 posts with it. I’ve done a small C project and a few python scripts as well. It’s FANTASTIC. I may not even try the other editors! (Well that’s a lie. I triet Atom first, and it was slow as molasses, so I won’t be going back to that.)

    There might be a hint as to what I’m working on now in this post. It shouldn’t be difficult to spot :) It’s A LOT of work though, so give me a day or two to finish up.

    This post took 15 minutes to research, photograph, write and edit. If you appreciate the information presented then please donate!

  • Another new feature

    I’ve added another feature to the blog. It’s just a simple rating meter. This lets me simply type the code below for a nice rating meter or 3

    <admrb rating="20"> </admrb>
    <admrb rating="73"> </admrb>
    <admrb rating="58"> </admrb>

    This is for some upcoming posts on the included effects and synths in Logic Pro X 10.3 and Cubase 9. You can see my Studio One Plugins and Studio One Instruments reviews. Maybe the Comparator will make an apperance too :)

    2/2 8:00pm - oops. Fixed.

  • Comparator

    6 days since my last post. It’s because I’ve spent some time recently making something cool for the blog. This is an audio comparator.

    Fake player Just an Image. The real thing is in the full post

    Sorry… that’s just an image. I don’t want people loading a bunch of files on my front page. Click “Read More→” for the actual thing.

    Hopefully you can figure out what it does by the UI, but consider this post the manual. Let’s check out a few more examples and I’ll explain how it works.

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  • Baking Steel DIY

    Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

    A Baking steel is basically just a chunk of steel that you stuff in your oven, heat up then cook on. It helps retain heat, evenly distribute heat and heat the underside of whatever you’re doing.

    Rather than pay $100+ for one you can easily make your own. Here’s what we did…

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  • Very fine adjustment of Dadoes and Grooves

    Done with it. The result, 0.004”/0.01mm adjustment

    Sometimes it’s necessary to increase the depth of a Dado or a Groove very slightly. This is usually done by just adjusting whatever method you used to create the joinery, but often that is no longer possible without a lot of fussing since you may have set the device to new settings for other tasks.

    Enter the Router Plane. This is an indispensable tool (that my wife bought me!) which allows for in situ adjustments of depth-vital joinery.

    Here’s what you do…

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