Site Updates

Site updates this week! Click through for a list of what I’ve done this week, if you care.

If you don’t care, then hopefully the next article will tickle your fancy for esoteric articles about things you can’t find anywhere else on the web!

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What I learned from 6 months with VS Code

Chrome Debugger
Chrome Debugger

Speech to Text works in Emacs for me now that I’m on macOS Catalina, and I’ve switched back to using Emacs (my computing home).

I learned a lot while exclusively using VS Code for 6 months, and I’m writing this article to give an overview of the “major” things that I took away from it.

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Hornet Autogain and Christmas

AutoGain Pro mk2
AutoGain Pro mk2

NOTE: The author replied in the comments asking me to make a support ticket, which I have done. I originally attempted to do this but it froze my browser. I have since found that my adblocking setup was causing this, which is clearly my issue.

This week I was trying to write a review/how-to on using Hornet AutoGain Pro mk2, however I spent about 15 hours just trying to get it to work.

I never managed to get it to work. Results were either:

  • Nothing happens.
  • Distorted.
  • Display shows something, but the audio doesn’t change.
  • Something does happen, but it’s so subtle that I don’t find value in it.

So I’ve scratched the review/how-to. I simply can’t get the thing to work.

I can’t say it’s a bad product, but I can say that the video tutorial is not helpful and there is no manual.

I generally like Hornet products (like LUMeter and I find Spaces to be quite useful at times), but AutoGain Pro mk2 just doesn’t do it for me.

Click through to see how I wrap Christmas presents ;)

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Digital Performer 10.1: Done Quick (Video)

DP 10.1, done quick.

If you read the text article then there’s not much new here.

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Digital Performer 10.1


Digital Performer 10.1 is out, and it’s a huge free update for DP users.

I’m pretty excited about this one. Having re-read what I’ve wrote, I know this almost sounds like some dopey press-release that I’ve copied, but it’s pure childlike enthusiasm on my part.

MOTU has fixed many of the long standing complaints about DP and added some new cool features.

Enough gushing… click through for more gushing.

ALERT ALERT 35+Mb of data in this post. That may not be much to most of you, but for those who it matters… be aware. ALERT ALERT

If you want to just jump to the official changelog, then please do. I think I found some things that aren’t there though :)

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DAW v DAW - Part 6: Pan Laws and Pan Curves

Reaper has some... weird panning options
Sexy Curves baby.(Click for larger image)

Today I’m taking a break from the automation sub-series (which still has life in it) to explore one of the more well-known parts of “DAWs sound different”.

GOTCHA, I’m not.

This article is about a close cousin of the ubiquitously discussed “Pan Law”. Hop on through to see some explanations and hard data.

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Digital Performer's Chunks Will Blow Your Mind

Chunks (Click for larger image)

Digital Performer’s chunks feature is a unique bright gleaming light in the world of copycat DAW workflows.

If you’re familiar with FL Studio’s song workflow , REAPER’s subprojects or Ableton/Bitwig’s Session view workflow then you’re almost there.

Come with me as I show you what’s there, and you can decide for yourself how awesome it is.

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Drum Stick Making Video

The video for the Making Drumsticks Article from two weeks ago

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On Content Creation


We had tree trimmers at the house for 3 days, and my wife is having a staycation, so I’ve been unable to finish filming the video version of the Making Drum Sticks article.

I’ve utilized that time to endlessly browse twitter gather my thoughts about what I do with my time regarding this site. I’d like to my thought process with you.

Nothing good, nothing bad. Just the musings of a content creator.

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Making Drum Sticks, and using the Veritas Dowel Maker.

DIY Sticks
DIY Sticks

I’ve been making my own drumsticks for years. I’ve developed various techniques and I’m at a point where I’m mostly happy with how I do things.

So let me walk you through some of of the process.

Oh… and those zipties, that’s another article (but long time readers will already know…).

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Drum Dial Video

The video version of the Drum Dial Article, with different presentation and some different information.

This is also my first time using Final Cut Pro because Resolve constantly renders with glitches and does not handle audio devices properly. Quick the learning curve switching to FCPX, but I think this will improve the quality of my content as well.

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