Last Updated - 2018 December 11

Hey. My name is Robert Randolph. If you’ve read one of my recent posts then you may realize that I’m looking for work.

I can provide a portfolio for interested employers on request, but here’s a quick overview of what I can provide you:

  • Decades of software testing experience
    • Largely Audio-Based software
    • I enjoy writing detailed reports. (just look at this site, this is what I do for fun)
  • Decades of management experience
    • Software development
    • Hardware development
    • Manufacturing
    • Delivery logistics
  • Over a dozen years of international sales experience
  • Extensive technical support capability on multiple platforms
  • Development experience both as a hobby and on a professional scale
    • Clojure
    • Common Lisp
    • Java
    • C
      • AVR
      • PIC
      • X86
    • Javascript
      • Node
      • Client-side
    • Lua
    • Perl
    • DSP - release of multiple audio plugin products both personally and via contract
  • Familiar with prototyping and manufacturing methods in a variety of materials

My previous work experience includes manufacturing management, international sales and support, running a recording studio and regional management of a large food chain.

The only caveat is that I need to work remotely.

If you are interested in acquiring me as a contractor or employee please contact me via audiolabs at google’s email service.