On November 30th, I partially tore 3 ligaments in my right foot.

My current health state has lead me to develop Foot Drop. I stumble somewhat frequently and shuffle my feet when I walk, and it’s been strongly suggested that I begin to use a walker. (I already use a cane)

When attempting to step up out of the studio I tripped, turned my ankle, rammed it into the step and OUCH.

Severe sensorimotor polyneuropathy complicates injury recovery. I can walk with minimal pain where a ‘normal’ person might be on the ground wretching in pain. The lack of pain increase the ease of being remiss about caring for my injury. Only a few days ago I took off my sock to be greeted by a topology might be mistaken for the Moeraki Boulders. I had walked maybe a total of 10 minutes that day unassisted, without my walker boot, and exacerbated the injury.

My studio is not setup for low-mobility, and I start nearly all of my song ideas on drums. I am not a MIDI user primarily, and REAPER in particular has a MIDI workflow that I abhor. The result is that I’ve spent very little time in the studio lately. 1

Same goes for my woodshop. (That’s right, I rarely use MIDI in the workshop either.)

I am under doctor’s care. I’ll be fitted for a custom orthotic in the next coming days, and beginning physical therapy shortly.

I’ve been dealing with it by spending time working on my Talon Setup, my text editing setup and reading. Meanwhile any further posts are on hold until I can regain some mobility and overcome this minor depression that it has spurred on.

  1. I spent some time trying to improve this last week by moving around some items, and most certainly ended up making my injury worse.