This week I’ve updated some site features:

  • Visual Assets - I commissioned ToriBearArt to make some new branding assets for me. The first is shown above. It’s a more complex rendition for larger format media. Some variations are in the works. I will be integrating the new branding over time, because I’m not a big fan of “relaunches” or “rebranding”. I’ll be making incremental changes and reacting to reader/viewer feedback as I go.
  • Themes - I built support for multiple themes, with an indicator of the current theme. I choose ‘cycling’ between themes because I hate menus.
    • WHITE theme added.
    • Adjusted text color for dark theme.
  • Various backend updates for my own sanity.
  • DAW Feature Chart updated.
    • Latest Versions
    • FL Modularity
    • Project Navigation->Information Hiding
    • Arranging category added
      • Project Navigation->Arrangement Tools moved to Arranging.
      • Added -
        • Time
        • Harmony
        • Sequencing
        • Key
    • CAKEWALK REMOVED - I have no desire to continue evaluating this software.
  • Reaper Script Showcase - Fixed some bad links and anchors.
  • FreeBees - New FreeBees!
  • Drafts! - I’ve put work into 50-75% completed drafts of articles for periods when I’m feeling unwell, need a break, etc…
  • Navbar adjusted to be cleaner.


These updates took approximately 25 hours, not including time on new drafts.