Digital Performer 10 is out! That’s awesome, and normally I’d be blasting you with content RIGHT NOW.

But I’m not. Yet.

It’s coming soon…

Forcing myself to publish weekly has really cramped me hard. I end up with spare time sitting on drafts I don’t care about, or I end up spending 18 hours on Friday and 18 hours on Saturday to torture myself.

I really miss doing short “tips” type things that I can’t fit in with the weekly style, because I need to focuse on my deadline. I want to do more of those again. I also want the freedom to indulge in random curiosities I dive into on a whim, and write as I do so.

So the next article is coming when it’s ready. Every article after that will come when it’s ready. The total content should increase and it will likely still be ~4 posts a month. The time between articles will be variable though.

(Also 15th wedding anniversary coming up… So ya’ll get to wait while I enjoy that this week.)