I’ve been asked many times about Recording/Mixing services. I only work via word-of-mouth usually, however there’s been enough demand online that I’ve decided to open myself up to work from artists via the internet 2017.

Here’s the info that you need to know.


$100 per track per job.

5% discount for each additional track up to 30%

5 revisions included.

Here is a table of some costs:

Tracks Base Cost Discount Total
1 $100 0% $100
3 $300 15% $255
5 $500 25% $375
10 $1,000 30% $700

How long does this take?

On average I can mix an electronically composed track in around 2-3 hours, with around 1 hour for revisions.

Why so cheap?

Yeah this is cheap. Why so cheap?

  1. I’m primarily expecting EDM and hip-hop artists to take advantage of this. Mixing EDM is usually much less time-intensive than acoustic genres, and generally there’s a greater degree of pre-mix organization/editing to be done. Hip-hop does require more work, but I also enjoy it.
  2. This is an experiment to see if it’s more viable to cater to traditional musicians through labels at a higher rate (which results in less frequent work) or to work with modern genres of music at a lower cost (which results in more frequent work, possibly at the same income level).

I really enjoy music and music technology if you can’t tell. I rather be working 40 hours a week at $25/hr than 20 hours a week at $50 an hour.

I also rather have a client list of 500+ great talents than 100 or so guys throwing together beer money to record a cover song.

What crazy awesome gear do you use?

  • I work in a purpose-built studio that’s been professionally designed and treated.

  • I monitor with Adam A7 monitors with an Adam Sub10.

  • If you read my blog you’ll see that I largely prefer digital workflows, and as such I am a Beta tester for a large number of DAW and plug-in developers. I have well over 1,000 (legitimate, not pirated) plug-ins with strong working knowledge of a fair portion of them.

  • I do have a bunch of random ‘fancy’ rack gear from companies like: Eventide, Yamaha, BBE (lol?), Universal Audio, Purple Audio, Empirical Labs, Presonus and more. This is constantly revolving. I love to buy/sell things.

  • I have all sorts of weird guitar pedals, old mixers, early digital reverbs, spring reverbs, strange circuits I built, analog synths, guitar and bass amplifiers and more kinky audio stuff.

  • I’ve been doing this for a number of decades. I’m not only an audio engineer, but an experienced musician first. That’s the coolest gear. (and perhaps the goofiest/cringiest thing I’ve written here)

How do I contact you?

Email me. audiolabs. Gmail.

Or you can find me at the places I hang out that I mention on my about page.

I’m poor. Can I get a discount.


Well, ok. Maybe.

The “You know me” discount

  • If you’re an active member of one of the online or IRL communities that I participate in, then I will give you a discount. Just talk to me, you probably already do.

The “I get to embarrass both of us” discount

The “Good client” discount

  • If I’ve worked with you before and you send really well organized stems, maintain a clean project, clearly communicate feedback, have clear goals and generally just make my life easier then I will give you a discount.

    This is for repeat clients only


  • What if I don’t like what you do?

    • Let’s talk about it. I’m a reasonable and highly self-critical person. If it seems like it’s not working out, then we’ll work something out.

  • What if you can’t mix my track?

    • It happens. Sometimes artists send in work that isn’t yet ready. I’ll help you identify what needs to be done to further the project and get you rocking for a great release.

  • Are you nice?

    • No. Not really. If I think something sucks, I will tell you. I am light-hearted and joke probably too much, but I’m also very blunt.

  • What do you need from me?

    • Stems. Google or Youtube for how to render stems from your DAW. Talk to me first so we can discuss.

  • What is “Good Organization”?

    • Your parts are separated and clearly labelled. Any samples used are included separately. Tempo is listed. Layers are separate if applicable. Performers names are listed. Notes included such as: Hook time location and track, lyrics, style/genre references, reference track names, clearly stated goals, mix concerns, release time frame and any other information that may be pertinent.

  • Why did you turn me down?

    • I didn’t, but I will have to charge you different rates for projects that I think will require extra work or time. Anything that’s recorded with a lot of overdubs, projects 100+ tracks, anything concerning video or projects that simply need a lot of work to sound decent.

      This whole flat rate idea can only work if I can provide you a mix that we’re both proud of, but in a relatively short period of time. If there’s some reason that I think a single track may take me a whole day or more, then I can’t justify charging you just $100. I’m sorry.

  • How can my label contact you?

    • This offer is not applicable to signed artists. Feel free to take your mixed track to go get a deal/release with a label, but I’m not dealing with labels at this rate.

      If you are a label, then I will have to charge you my normal hourly rates. Feel free to contact me.

  • How do I transfer files?

    • Dropbox is awesome. Zip them up and throw them on your free dropbox account. Don’t trust dropbox? I have a private FTP we can use.

    • Slow connection? Send me a flash drive in the mail.

  • What do I get from you?

    • The project file. Yes. I’ll send you the entire project file. Opening it is your problem though, since you probably don’t have the same products I do. I will delete any alpha/beta products before it’s sent.

    • A number of mixdowns: Main mix, Vocal up, Vocal Down, a cappella, karaoke, no buss compression and a quickly ‘mastered’ version. We can discuss any other needs you have.

  • How do I pay you?

    • Paypal. If you can’t use Paypal for some reason then we can discus your preferred option.

  • When do I pay you?

    • Payment is remitted at the end of the project. I will provide medium quality lossy-encoded mixes for preview. Upon confirmation of completion of the mix you will be invoiced. I will remit the full-quality mixes as listed above after receipt of payment.